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All About My Diet

So many of you have asked me about my diet and lifestyle and how to stay fit, happy and not feel like you’re restricting any of it. So today I’m sharing my latest article in “Eat This Not That” (link here) on what I eat and why. Truthfully it took me a while to get into the habit of loving not just liking healthy whole food, but once I digested the scientific information behind it I made the choice that being healthy was a whole lot more fun than not. And a whole lot cheaper than paying doctor bills and taking pills. I relish eating heathy because I love delicious, real food that makes me feel good, stay healthy and let’s be honest, makes me look good. If you need more explanation to the power of Vanity look back at my post 3 weeks ago! There is no shame in striving to look your best, and for me that’s been a real factor in my healthy aging. 


Ask yourself these questions:


Knowing that fried foods made from seed oils like canola, corn or cotton seed breaks down the collagen in my skin and make me look 10 years older, do I really want to order the fries?


And now ask the same question but posed like this: 


Knowing that deep fried foods in seed oils like corn, soybean or cotton seed can contribute to inflammation in my body causing increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and auto immune conditions, do I really want to hit the McDonalds drive through for the French fries? 


As long as both answers come up No more than not it really doesn’t matter where your motivation comes from. What matters is that you enjoy this healthy precious life of yours and begin to love the foods that love you back!


I would love to hear your questions or thoughts on diet and what works or doesn’t work for you!

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