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Curiosity, Choice, and Freedom

Updated: May 27

Curiosity, Choice, and Freedom are my three watch words. All three have led me to a life of adventure, joy, authenticity, compassion, and respect for myself and others. And all three have become a lightning rod in our country.


Why would anyone want to curb another's freedom, choice, or curiosity? It’s always the same answer: fear of losing Power. Power over... something or someone, which is the opposite of my other favorite word: Empower – to lift others up. 


All three, along with their first cousin Courage, dramatically reconstructed my life six years ago when I left behind a life that was no longer serving me or those I loved. The joy, strength, and happiness I gained through that one courageous decision led me to a rediscovery of myself and a world that held possibilities I never imagined.  


Curiosity begets more curiosity; courage begets a strength of self that is unconquerable, and freedom begets the unfathomable realization that life and joy are free and are only one choice away at any moment.  


The greatest gift of aging is freedom. Freedom to explore years of acquired knowledge and experience while questioning almost all of it, sifting the truth through a sieve that stands the test of time. And to realize that the more I know, the less I know, and the more there is about which to be curious. A curiosity for truth drives my passion about everyone and everything in my life. Physically, strength training is the fountain of youth, but Curiosity leads the pack for staying vibrant and youthful and happy.


I have a Truth test that has proven to work for almost anything. If it’s true, it's not confusing. For me, what is real is never confusing. It might begin with confusion as a new thought or concept, but once examined will always be clear, whether it's an idea or a person. 


When it comes to making decisions in my life, be it business, personal relationships, or national elections, I make sure I am not squelching my curiosity, choice, or freedom with the noise of hucksters and fear mongers who's worth lies in the  "power over" others  instead of the "empowerment" of others.

It's an election year. Choice and Freedom are at stake. Use your voice. And your Vote. I hope you'll invest in the courage to make us all more Powerful. 

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