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Our Birthright

Updated: May 27

This week Lee proclaimed that January is her “Era of Hibernation”. To which I gave a hell yea!

The dark month of post-holiday revelry has always been my time to calm the chaos, find a good book, soak in a hot bath and generally let everyone know I’ll see them in February. But...  it’s also my birthday month which makes me happy and filled with anticipation of what’s next! I love to celebrate and be celebrated. It’s my literal birthright!  And yours! So enough with the self-effacing it’s just another year thing. It’s your day and the beginning of Your next year! Proclaim it! Out loud! Do that thing you must not do, that thing that you know deep inside will set you free to be the powerful human you were born to be! Allow the easy flow of love and acceptance into your life and watch yourself soar to heights you never expected!  Be proud and kind because it’s easy when it’s coming from love. Which is who you are. 

Hiding is your true self is so last year. 


Self-Talk Self-Help


When did I stop waking up in the morning with my first thought and first words out of my mouth to my weary, sleeping parents at 6am be, “I am the Spirit of Liz made like a Whiz” while jumping joyfully and ferociously on their bed? If my 3-year-old self knew that I was a Whiz when did I forget? While I don’t know the date or time, I’m keenly aware that the reality of negative self-talk became my biggest stumbling block and nemesis to moving forward in a conscious way with my life for years. But lately I’ve battled and won on most days the fight with that dark warrior of self-doubtl. This world is filled with “shoulds” and “should nots” aka fear. Well, here’s a “should” we should all consider. The beautiful souls we are birthing into our world come with all the love, power, and tools to be incredible human beings from birth. I believe our job as parents and community is to get out of their way, keep them safe and resist any religion, information or people that teach them that they are anything other than love in human form. There is no proving of oneself for acceptance from God or Love or the Universe. You already have it. It’s your birthright. The religious texts of the world were written by humans, men to be exact, who might not have always had the wellbeing of others foremost as their motivation, but instead were motivated by power over others, which of course is different from empowering others. Particularly in the demeaning and subjugation of women. 


I believe that our business as humans is to connect to that higher power that resonates with our soul and reminds us of our truth, our joy, and our absolute divine place in this world. And to stand with and up for all those who are subjugated to mistreatment or unkindness because of the color of their skin, the person they love, the religion they choose to practice, or the gender they choose to be.


Ok 70 lets goooo!! You feel free, boundless, exciting, holy, and joyful … and I’m here for it!! 

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