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The "Secret Sauce"

I was in an interview yesterday and the first question asked was will you please share your secret to looking so youthful. I suppose flattery gets you everywhere with me! But it is a question I get a lot these days. When I look back at pictures 5,10 even 20 years ago, I look more relaxed, healthy and happy now. I guess it only took me 60 plus years to figure out that living courageously through simply owning your own truth, living it and speaking it was a fountain of youth. I believe that fountain of youth is available to everyone and is only one hard answer away from admitting to yourself what parts of your life you have compromised to fit in and be accepted. Acceptance is a powerful human need. But here’s a secret: Telling your truth releases your spirit where you shine your brightest, where acceptance is automatic, and love rules the day. We’re all drawn to people that resonate truth. It’s a magnet, an aphrodisiac that we crave. Many times in my life I’ve felt that I wasn’t always deserving of love and acceptance so lived a half-life chasing any friend, god, or guru that could show me the Truth. I’ve reached deeply into religion, Christianity in particular, dabbled in Buddhism, enjoyed a night or two with my wiccan friends all in hopes of finding inner peace and acceptance. It seems that all the major religions have one common theme, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” although it’s said in different words in different religions. So, let’s reword that for a moment. Respect and love others as much as we love and respect ourselves. There it is again, the magic. Self-love, self-acceptance i.e., owning your truth with love and acceptance of yourself. It’s magic and it’s right now in this moment. Just as you are.

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Nov 21, 2023
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