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Expansion rarely happens in the safe zone.

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

It only took me 64 years to learn that living freely wasn’t some sort of impossible dream.

It’s merely as simple and as hard as making the decision to live life on your own terms,

out loud and out of love for yourself while respecting and empowering those you love as

well as others through the vulnerability of owning your truth. I believe this in turn allows

people to connect to and explore their own truth without fear, judgment, or disapproval.


Hi, I’m Liz. 69. Free. Happy. Healthy. Successful. All because I found the courage to do

the impossible and hone in on my own unique expression of life by owning my power

and claiming myself. You can too. Actually, It’s a requirement for your happiness, health

and freedom. Peeling away the layers of who you think you’re supposed to be and

embracing what lies beneath all the noise is your ticket to freedom, success, and


I mentioned that it was simple, and it is, but there’s no free ride to mastery of oneself.

Your first step requires a massive amount of accountability, courage, and vulnerability.

Courage is at the heart of vulnerability. It takes courage to be vulnerable. Courage sees clearly

through the fog of self-delusion. Courage feels all the fear that keeps us frozen in the status

quo of our smallness and lights the way to our highest expression.

Unfortunately, courage is not about being fearless but is rather the exact opposite.

For me not to find the courage to be accountable to myself by looking directly at my fears and

desires would have held me in a purgatory of stagnation. I saw and felt the lies that I had been

telling myself as well as others all too clearly when I faced up to the fact that my marriage of 37

years was over and that my identity as a white privileged heterosexual female was changing.

And changing fast I might add! My first published account went viral in the Huffington Post. Stories are powerful. We all have one and sharing them is powerful.

I’m a truth teller these days, and it feels good. Not only good, but natural and free. The idea

that the truth will set you free couldn’t be truer or more powerful! Without consciously

knowing it I was following Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice 5 years ago “You must do the thing you

think you cannot do”, when I finally began to own my life and live fully.

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Holly Schoolmeester
Holly Schoolmeester
Jan 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

🤗 Truth!!

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