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Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the fifth animal in the 12-year cycle and considered one of the most powerful and auspicious. It’s associated with strength, power, and good luck! My HSM dragon logo has always brought me luck and found me just as I was considering a new workout idea that I eventually called Hilliard Studio Method. I was in a graphic designer’s office working on a personalized logo for my stationery when I noticed a coiled serpent in her portfolio. I was instantly attracted, not only to her power and sanguine smile but a tangible feeling of grace, truth, and health. I instantly adopted her or maybe she adopted me. With a few tweaks to her design, she became mine and I hers.  She feels very much a part of me now. Her fire burns away my doubts, fears, and misperceptions as easily as she uncoils and strikes.  Her beauty lies in her strength and fearlessness to destroy without hesitation my false perceptions keeping me focused on a path of authenticity and power. When she strikes, I know it. Everyone knows it. Her scorched earth policy takes no prisoners in its complete annihilation of deception and lies that I sometimes tell myself.  I mean, don’t we all find ourselves shoveling nonsense into our psyches without proof of intent or truth just to fit in or get by some days? Well, my dragon will have none of it.  In becoming a part of my alter ego she’s taken me down a rocky path to my truth, with each step growing bolder as I grow. She reminds me that I am not only enough but powerful and that every human being that I come in contact is as well. And must be honored as such. There is such joy and peace in this knowledge. My aim is to share this truth through actions and words with everyone in or outside of my studio at HSM. As I’ve grown older and a bit wiser, she’s grown bolder as well. Her strikes no longer wait for my cue. She will strike out of nowhere with her brilliant fire and watch for me to chuckle at her preemptive help. Lately I’ve been laughing out loud at her quickness.   


Our truth whispers to us just below and inside the noise of our doubts, fears, and worries and if we listen will walk us through our path of self-revelation, power, and peace. I like that my truth sometimes requires the form of a dragon. For me I need the deafening roar and unleashed fire to get my attention. But on the days when there’s no need for fire she’ll coil her strength and soft wings around me with all the love and nurturing of mother to her child.

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