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Welcome to the Podcast

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my podcast “Be Powerful with Liz and Lee” where we focus on joy, owning our power, finding our strength, turning our fear into courage, and striving to be our truest self.

This week we’re taking a lighthearted leap into the Holidays with our overall theme “Sexy Santa”. Thank you, Ted Lasso! And to paraphrase the Buddha, “Those with hearts light as a feather will enter heaven” Well, I don’t know about you, but so far if you’re following current events these Holidays have felt heavy and nowhere close to light or remotely close to heaven. Today we’re going to lighten things up a bit! We all have the ability and responsibility to choose our actions and reactions to life’s circumstances, so today we’re going on a romp of fun which is totally different from a “romp of sex” which we allude to in today’s podcast! I hope you’ll join in and scroll through some of our past episodes. Our podcast is a full gambit of thoughts, conjecture, emotions, and revelations that bring us back around each week to the why and how to live fully out loud in a space of joy and in love!

Happy Holidays Friends! If you enjoy the podcast, we’d love it if you would take a moment to subscribe, rate, and share it. That way we can keep giving you more of what you want and keep spreading the love.

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